Missing Live Data Update

Agreed, and it makes sense for those boundaries to be set by the organiser. Regardless of entry numbers, a race of 20 riders plays out very differently to a race of 80 riders. It allows for so many more race types.

A similar approach is used by British Rowing. All rowers have an individual score but its left to organisers to determine the event boundaries. Sometimes this is set up front, other times it is set after all the entries are entered so that you can evenly split the entries across a number of categories. Lots of possibilities.

Just completed duathlon race #4 and when exiting Zwift after bike to reenter and do the run, ‘Zwift shutdown unexpectedly’ and my bike results did not register. The same thing happened after race 1. This does not happen for any other bike event. Very frustrating!

Hi Flint,

missing all data for ZwiftPower ID 2715117
for following event IDs (all non wtrl races):

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You must send an e-mail to zwiftpower@zwift.com, with link to your profile.
Are your activities set to public?

Hi Milan,

mail to zwiftpower? I’ve done this yesterday and I was told to follow this thread with missing values and should not write any further email cause any news regarding this error is published centrally in this thread.
So I’m a bit confused about the procedure.

It’s my girl friends profile → ZwiftPower ID 2715117.
All activities are set to public with no exception.
5 of 66 races are w/o any values, rest is ok.

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Hi Alex,

A quick look at the ZP profile all events have only Live Data (Green lightning bolt) which means ZP is never receiving .fit files for full power data. This is usually because events in Zwift are not set to public, but maybe there is also another reason.

For those 5 events that have NO data I can only assume Live Data didn’t work, which was an ongoing problem until recently when it seems to be pretty well fixed.

I don’t know if that helps much but I do think they are 2 separate issues, I’d concentrate on trying to get the .fit files to come through first and see how it goes.


@xflintx here we go again i think :frowning:
ZRL Season 3 Division 1 emea zid=1977795 watts missing

Yep… 3 out of my last 4 events have data that is not updating, including WTRL TTT from yesterday. Zwift cannot seem to get things right.

Not good, really not good, over months gone is really annoying dont see out performance on ZP in every TTT

Lots of missing Data throughout ZRL, seems to be only ZRL affected…when will we expect to see the correct data? Unfair on some riders who will be going up against riders riding over cat limits and not showing without the completed data

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Thanks everyone for your replies. I’m reading through everything right now and trying to find an answer for you as to “why” the data isn’t there.

Yup, in my ZRL race too, loads of missing segment data for a bunch of us. So frustrating as I am nearly B and breaking my guts to get to B and this is the second race where the data could have helped me cat up. Please please could you find out whether this data can be found and pulled through? Thank you.

In ZRL EMEA E1 DIVISION 2 too. Many 20min values missing. And some other values seem to be wrong. Overall w/kg are blue

Hey Evryone, What most of you are reporting now is missing .fit file data not missing live data which is and always has been much less accurate. The issue you are reporting is much better detailed in this thread:

In the thread you will see that a good workaround seems to be to ride on for a few KM after the finish line; this has worked for me and others I know for the last few events. Not only is this a good workaround for now it will hopefully give Zwift some clues as to how to fix it properly.

Ride On! (For a while after the chequered flag)

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i can accept all my friend @xflintx , but here we had a first data loss (Season 2 ZRL) in date 17/11/2020 zid=1228099 and now at 06/04/2021 (Season 3 ZRL) zid=1977795 some issue, some data loss.

Are gone over 5 months and issue is still here, as subscriber i am very disappointed of it, zwiftpower is an important tool for zwift racing and in this way you fake all info about data and results,

TTT gets the same treatment.

ZRL for the TTTs in season 2 didn’t process the files either. So it’s clearly an issue with start delays or something like that.

I dunno how it’s still a thing, but it is

20 mins data for a lot of riders missing from Tuesdays WTRL race (race ID 1977787)

Same for (Race id 1977788).

Same for race ID 1977791