Missing in the result list after Houte route wattopia stage 3


My name is not found in the Race results in Zwift Companion for the 9AM (CET) Houte Route Watopia Stage 3.
It is not transferred to ZwiftPower either.
I have completed all 3 rides, items for completing the 3 rides are unlocked, and the ride is uploaded to my Strava and Trainingpeaks accounts. Stage 1 and 2 are found in zwiftpower.

Can you fix this?

Same for the 2 pm race, details stop @1108 place. Race completed and saved to Strava @ 2hr 54min but buffered for 20 min on Zwift before loading. Awaiting reply from Zwift on issue !

Any resolution to this? I did a 7:45 am TT and my name is not in results but the ride went to Strava. The activity is in my companion app history but my name is not in there.