Missing data group workout 3253613

There are several of us in event 3253613 who are missing data in zwiftpower, this has happened to me on several occasions, why does it happen, and can it be fixed.

**[Michael Matthews: Sprinter | Jayco - AlUla Hashes

You need to publish your events as public, not private. Do this via Companion App > Settings >Activity and change to Public.

Edit: I should add that the data you see in ZP now for past events is based on live data. By making your activities public, ZwiftPower will use your fit file for final data. Generally speaking it’s shorter term power (< 1min) that is mostly not accurate when using live data (vs fit file data)

By making the change in CA, events going forward will be accurate, not past events.

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Do I need to do more than select public in the app Companion App > Settings >Activity.
I am thinking of the activities that lack data or do you update the data?
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No. Only way to get previous ones updated (including the recent two with no data) is to try a request via support (mention event ID’s) to get the events reset but I’d suggest you only ask for the recent two that are missing data and not the rest otherwise you’d risk a blanket no response due to amount of work they would have to do (and I’m not even sure if they can reset back to Nov or Dec)! Also let them know that you have adjusted from private to public so they will know you are now setup correctly you end.

I see your Michael Mathews event came through OK yesterday so looks like you are good from here on in.