"Missed calling as a pro"

Hi There,
just wondering a couple of times in the last week or so I’ve been kicked with the “!” you’ve missed your calling as a pro". each time I was going pretty hard like maybe 6-7w?kg it was leading up to the finish of a race.
I’ve been zwifting for ages and I have gone harder for longer in the past and its never done this before.
just wondered if there is anything I can do to stop it happening or is it the specific race rules that get you DQed


Hi @Mike_Cuming_MGE_82

This is funny since you are verified, :rofl: :muscle:

I have seen @Jordan_Rapp talking about this on FB. They are working on a fix.

getting trolled?

Hi Mike,

We’ve got a bug currently. I was trying to fix some of the overly aggressive coning and unfortunately made it worse. Found the bug and have a fix pending. Not sure if we’ll be able to patch it quickly or not, but fix IS coming. And my apologies.


Zwift Game Design


Hey Jordan!
thanks for the reply mate, no problem at all man.
Keep up the good work weaning out some of those pesky riders zooming around the place demoralising us all :sweat_smile:



Glad to know there it a bug - got the same thing on completing a ride up the Alpe this evening for my Tour of Watopia Stage 3 catch-up. Didn’t think that an average power of under 200W or a peak of around 260W was anywhere near good enough to deserve being flagged!

Will the credit for the Stage 3 still go through or should I contact support (or take the excuse to do it again tomrrow)?

Chris, I don’t think it will affect your ToW completion. But check to see if you got credit. If not, our support team can definitely help.

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Yup i have the same , a race 32. 20 km i wash first last 10 km you’ve missed your calling as a pro. Not funny

Are you a pro? You averaged over 380 w for an hour.

The emperor of the forums @Gerrie_Delport said,

and a quick google search reveals a couple of entries for Michael Cuming and there is a wikipedia page so, though the question is not directed at me, I would be inclined to say the evidence supports this guy being able to crank out 380 W for an hour.

LOL @Jimmie_Richey

Yes I know he is a Pro that is why I said it makes it “funny” because he probably can do those powers.

@Gerrie_Delport, MEA CULPA!
I thought I had replied to the question, “Are you a pro?” and I was using your statement as one of my bases.
Sorry, your highness. I kneel in your presence. (Seriously Gerrie you da man when it comes to these forums.)

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Thanks. I am just a passionate Zwifter, and like helping out.

We have a few awesome forum members.

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I think @Ben_Brawn was asking @dutchbiker123_123dut if he is a pro, look at his power numbers, 382 watts average and no HRM???

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I am so confused.
I need a nap.


If you are verified should you never get the cone at all? Or does Zwift simply increase the cone threshold but still have a cone in the event of bad equipment setup?

I don’t think so, How I understand it is Zwift have timed segments and if you do the segment in less time than the time that Zwift has set as the trigger, then you will get the cone.