Mirrors to see riders coming up from behind

(Richard Pointer) #1

Great product, really enjoying the experience after 2 rides. One suggestion: It would be beneficial to be able to see riders approaching from behind, especially AI riders, so that you can speed up a bit to get in their slipstream. Since you can’t turn your head and it is hard to switch views quickly using the keyboard while riding, I was thinking a small display, or mirror, in a lower corner (left and right) with views behind and left and right side. This would be very beneficial in large packs. Thanks!

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Richard!

Eventually you’ll be able to change views via a mobile app, which can be attached to the handles for more convenient switching. We’d rather keep the HUD clean as it can quickly get cluttered.

Hope this helps!

(Richard Pointer) #3

Thanks Eric. I completely understand about keeping the HUD clean. Mobile app would definitely solve the problem. So many possibilities with this software!

(Joseph Dowski) #4

I’ll tag onto this as a feature I would like as well. I believe there should also be the ability to control how many points of data or sub-screens you have on the HUD. Folks projecting onto a large screen TV have lots of real estate to play with compared to folks on laptops.