Shoulder check option

(Stephen Griffiths) #1

Just wondering if an option for a quick look over the shoulder could be introduced?  In racing and using the mobile app its tough to get a clear view of riders behind you without going through all the views in order, just wondered if we could have an option to shoulder check by holding down a button which would be it easier to see how many riders are still in the peloton behind you.

(Neville Jeans) #2

Would be useful, alternatively the swarm of names at the bottom of the screen is a pretty good indication most of the time - number and size give ab=nd indication of how many and how far back they are

(Craig Howard WBR B) #3

Great idea. I think the same when racing. If you go on the attack you just want one of the app buttons to be this feature. Perhaps have it hold for 3 secs before returning to your previous default view. I’d personally also like all the views to be on rotation via the app too. It skips number “2” when using a real keyboard which is the tighter from behind view with a little more shake and realism.


(Mark Hewitt) #4

+1 good idea, just have it as a button on the ZML link app you can hold down to have a reverse view then when released you return to normal.


I’ve sometimes used reverse view when at the front of a group but it’s a pain cycling back through the views.

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #5

It would be nice to have a secondary view, sort like a picture-in-picture window positioned in the lower left quadrant.  I could see having a control on the mobile link to activate it for looking behind.

Of course when VR is common we can, you know, actually look.  :)

(Matt von Wahlde 7403) #6

This is  a great idea, especially when combined with multiple monitor support.

I would add a rate of closure for nearest rider (+/-) , HR, speed, power, and number in chase group.