Mio alpha 2 shows up as a speed and cadence running sensor and pairs but only shows 0 spm and speed

I was able to get the heart rate to show up for this sensor within the app and it works well but I saw that it also shows up as speed and cadence running sensor. It pairs very easily… Much more so than the zwift pod… But when I go to Calibrate it it only shows 0 for cadence and speed. I know that this is not the case. If I use the wahoo fitness app it shows running cadence and speed. So zwift recognizes that it’s a speed and cadence sensor but ignores it’s data (besides hr) from what I can tell. Are you possibly going to implement the data from this sensor in the future? I do know it’s a old watch but it’s been working well for me.

Best Regards and awesome app it’s been working well for me on my OnePlus5T every time I replace the battery on my zwift RunPod.

I have the same issue with my Wahoo Tickr Run on a Huawei P20 Pro (Android 9) and Xiaomi Pad 3 (Lineage OS).

The same Tickr run works ok on my pc running zwift.