Mini TV vs IPAD

Hi I have bought a Ipad mount for the treadmill which holds up to a 12 inch tablet. The plan was to buy an ipad and then use it for zwift. As the cost of an ipad is so expensive and I have a spare apple tv box, I thought I could buy a mini tv with a HDMI and stream it that way - anyone else done this or will the quality be awful? Thanks for any advice.

Lots of people, including myself, run Zwift on apple tv linked to screen using HDMI.

Apparently there is a minimum spec of apple tv, not sure what it is but the 4k box works fine.

What do you mean by a mini tv? I bought a cheap 28" smart tv from Amazon for under £200, it works great. Saw a 32" on there for £150 today in the Prime event.

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