Middle of the road riders?

Is it me or is everyone riding in the middle of the road? Ice just done the Leith Hill route and its great, but its hard to enjoy the view when everyone coming the other way is a head on collision. I know it’s not going to hurt but it feels wrong…

Yeah riding in London in general there are a lot of head on collisions.

I’ve had people riding through me and also on my left and right sides at the same time.  Those people to my left (even though I am on the left side of the road), are they from other countries that don’t know which side of the road to ride on in Britain?

+1, really noticeable in the tunnels to and from the leafy burbs.  Anything changed to affect that?  Rider doesn’t ride on the boards going up the stairs from the station either.

Don’t have a clue why but yes it is more in London than Watopia, I have noticed it before the last update. 

Yes. I was going to open a new thread, but found this one.

My neck and whole body suffers when I forget that those head-on collisions are not real. I don’t know what will happen when I’m riding IRL, and forget that head-on IS real.

Since the 8 Jan update, alignment on the road (particularly in London) is much more centred. And, riders take more efficient lines around bends.

This leads to head-on collisions in many tight curves. Such as coming onto the Tube (underground rail) section of the course.

This has got to be fixed. Please, for my anxiety minimisation sake.