Narrow roads in Makuri

Several times today whilst riding the new courses, I ended up going head first through those travelling in the opposite direction on more congested parts of the course.
What plans are there to prevent this?

I notice =going up the mountain tracks the grass is also the preferred position.

It happens on other courses too, With a recent update you no longer pass through people and always go round. If this coincides with somebody doing so the opposite way you’ll meet in the middle.

People with steering enabled can often ride dead centre of the road.

other courses have wider roads :wink:

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They do which prevents it mostly.

Makuri is definitely narrower than other worlds.

At leadt it don’t hurt as much as real life. :flushed:

It intuitively feels scary/wrong when you are placed close to the center line and people coming in the other direction are just crashing into you.

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thankfully its not real life, so worry less and pedal more :rofl: :kissing_heart: :metal:


Is this Zwift’s attempt to force feed us another one of their stupid DOA ideas ?

Steering… on an indoor trainer where you sit on and just kick, ride & relax. Daydream some, relax some… BECAUSE SOMETIMES WE JUST WANT TO SIT, RELAX AND RIDE ! Away from traffic, away from cars and potholes.

ZWIFT, WAKE UP !!! You are AGAIN showing that you don’t understand ANYTHING about your own platform.

It is not like I will pedal more or less because of this. That is not the point here. This is something that can be improved upon and worth pointing out.

i know, i do sympathise, my comment was a bit tongue in cheek.

sometimes i feel like people should get behind the bigger issues with zwift, rather than the smaller ones. But thats my personal opinion.

We all have our grievance’s and you are more than in your rights to share them.

ride on!

Sometimes the smaller things are easier to fix and therefore have a higher chance to get fixed than the bigger things.
The bigger problems in Zwift have been discussed to death already and we are just waiting for Zwift to take action.

Ride on!

Please keep your inputs constructive and on topic.