Left Side Ride

Is it possible to add a setting for users CommonWealth countries where we drive/ride on the left and pass on the right to have their rider view arranged? For me it is a safety thing. To train in both left and right side mind sets depending on if I am virtual vs. on the actual road is a hazard. I don’t drive so the bike is my only time to adjust for growing up in a right side road world to a left side road world.

Have you ridden the London course? You ride on the left there.

Personally I think your suggestion is a non starter as it would present some server load and other technical issues. I’m in New Zealand and we drive / ride on the left. Riding on the right hand side on Watopia and Richmond is no big deal in my opinion. 

Agreed it’s no big deal. I don’t see the issue of being on the other side of the road anyway. Coming from the UK we ride on the left but I’ve had no problems riding on the right in Spain.