Michael J Fox Foundation Rider Kit

Zwift Team,

I was recently diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson’s disease.  With this in mind my goal will be to raise awareness and money for the research and hopefully cure of this awful disease.  Cycling is a great way to stave off symptoms and progression of the disease.  With that in mind I was wondering if you could digitize the Michael J Fox Foundation rider kit.  I have included a link to the kit.

Jersey:  https://michaeljfoxfoundation.myshopify.com/collections/mens/products/primal-unisex-team-fox-cycling-jersey?variant=41050147592

Shorts: https://michaeljfoxfoundation.myshopify.com/collections/mens/products/primal-unisex-team-fox-cycling-shorts?variant=41050637576

I really hope you can accommodate this request.  I will hopefully be reaching out again once I figure out more about the disease and how I can do more fundraising.  For the moment it will be just be about raising awareness.

Thank you.


Hi Wayne,

I am so sorry to hear that. And certainly I appreciate your desire to use Zwift as a place to spread your message.

But all kit requests need to go through our support team email: info@zwift.com or support@zwift.com.

And currently there is an extremely significant backlog. We could double the size of our art team and have them focus on nothing but custom jerseys, and we still couldn’t honor every request.

I do encourage you to submit artwork through that channel, but certainly I cannot make any promises about when or if it would make its way into the game.

I wish you all the best luck on your journey and hope that you still choose to have some of it be on Zwift.

Ride On!