Messaging in ride

Hi how do you message in a ride without having to type, I understand there’s a voice activated app or method ,I have an android phone if that helps

There’s no voice activation that I’m aware of. Many people and teams use third party software such as Discord (voice chat), Zoom (video chat) etc.

Your phone should have accessibility options that you can turn on though. That would most likely include some voice activation and speech-to-text capability.

In the IOS version of the Companion app when the keyboard appears there is a microphone icon available. Hit that and start talking. It works pretty well but be sure and look over the transcription before hitting send.

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Aha! Great cal!

There’s the same thing on the Android keyboard on my Pixel 2. I’ve never noticed it before as I don’t need to use speech-to-text, but it definitely works (just tried it).