MESSAGE ZwiftApp.exe no longer works

Since the last update on Thursday, I just get after a few minutes an error saying “zwiftapp.exe” has stopped working

all the weeks before zwift working very good.

I have a new laptop (6 weeks) with  8GB RAM memory

video cart: AMD Radeon R5 M260 2GB

My wifi is very good. the problem is even there with a direct internet cable

Zwift says is probably a problem with the internetprovider but that can’t be the cause.

Thanks for submitting a support ticket! Let us know if you’re still having problems.

The problem is solved, thanks Zwift!

The problem is back

For me the problem is there 80% of the time when I try to start, but sometimes it gets past this point and when the application is able to run it works fine.  I still can not find a correlation as to what makes it work vs. not work. 

I have this problem, how come?