Message Crash

I know this has been an issue in a previous release, and I think it’s crept its way back into the current release.
On writing a long message in a group ride, zwift crashes. I know a number of team members are experiencing the same issue unforuntately.
(For me, it was typing on to the computer, not through the companion app (although CA was open), subitting the message, then following up with another message, and boom, I’m out. For others it seems to be a similar thing in terms of messages, although i’m not sure how they’ve been inputting them.)


Same here. I was leader in a group ride. Bad for the bunch, me, the club and finally Zwift.

Another here.
Zwift crashes quite reliably while entering/editing a message using the “M” key. This happens when the distance ticks over on a whole km value and you are supposed to get a “20XP bonus”. This does not appear on the screen. Instead, the screen freezes for a few seconds after which you are unceremoniously dumped back to the OS screen.
Running Windows 10 (fully updated)
i3 quad core processor with integrated Intel graphics.
The log file is of not use - it abruptly terminates with no error messages. The last message well precedes the crash time.

It seems this bug is an old one - Come on, Zwift. Fix the old problems properly before creating a whole pile more!! (Don’t get me started on your drafting algorithms! :unamused:)