Membership question

Hi… Im trying to renew a long lapsed membership but I would like to pick up from where I left off, its maybe three years ago, I just dont fancy all that climbing again to get my Tron Bike back :slight_smile: …Can this be done ?, Ive tried on the website but it just shows me as a new member with Trial pending, the account history wont go anywhere back from 2022 ?..Anyone have advice please ?


It’s almost certainly still there if you can remember which email address you used for your old account.

Okay Steve and thank you…can only be one of two, will try again !

I’m not sure how much help I will be. Check out this slightly old information from ZwiftInsider.

There is a Craig Maude on the system with ride activity at level 25 last ride end April 2020. Aged 60+ might that be your old account?

Hope you get back in where you left off.

Hi Ian…yes thats me mate, Im just trying to log in via an old email…will let you guys know how it goes, hope to see on the rides soon :wink:

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I’m in and back to where I left of at level 25…thanks for your help :slight_smile: