MeetUps - cancel Invite for a single rider


I am managing a MeetUp. There have been 100 invites issued with about 25 riders who have confirmed they are attending. There are now some additional riders who want to get an invite and confirmed they will attend (via Facebook).

How do I cancel the invite for some of the 75 riders who have not accepted or rejected their invite. The only option appears to stop following some riders which is not ideal.



Hi @Paul_King8381 welcome to Zwift forums.

You should be able to update your Meetup through the Zwift Companion app as long as it hasn’t started yet.

  1. Go to the Meetup to edit in ZC
  2. Tap the Edit Meetup button
  3. Tap on the + button under “Who do yo want to invite?”
  4. Uncheck the people that have been invited but are not going or haven’t responded