Recreating a Meetup invites missing

I’ve been creating meetups for the past two months and every week I usually re-create the old meetup btu half the people who were on the old one don’t get the invite for the new one. So I have to go back in and manually re-add them. Is this a bug or something that I’m doing wrong?


I just noticed this as well. I have been doing the same Tue/Thurs. meetups and now my invite list is 90+ and when I “Do It Again” it’s half that. Probably a legacy “feature” when invites were limited to 50.

Hopefully this bumps it up a little for a fix.


It’s not related to the old 50 limit. I get this problem and only have about 30 invited to the repeat.

I suspect that it’s related to this, because the same people get missed in both cases (repeat or a new meetup) - Meetup Invitations problem