Meetup do it again still busted

Meetup do it again still busted

This was reported and ignored to date. Zwift is this something you are technically unable to fix? Even the workaround is not working now.
When many of us replicate a meetup using your, do it again button, It only pulls over half or less the invitees to the replicated meetup. This forces a time consuming task of manually adding in the users your software dropped from a manual list.
This has been busted for over a year.
Please Zwift.

I’m assuming they have ignored this in favor of developing and rolling out clubs where your event can be shared via a link and you don’t need to invite friends manually any longer.


Pretty crappy if Zwift are assuming you’ll only ever want to ride with people from a club. What do they expect, people have to create a club to cater for the random bunch of people from across different clubs who happen to be their friends?

yeah, but they haven’t done anything to improve meetups for almost 2 years, seems like the development for that feature was put off a long time ago.

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That’s all ok just looking for zwift to be forthright and say what I can expect