Meetup Invitation List Defaults

I run 9 meetups each week for my local squad of cyclist friends. Essentially following the meetup I’ll click the Do it again button. The ride is then scheduled for the following week, I go in and update the route to keep it fresh and to ensure we are hitting all of the route badges we can. I’ve noticed that some of the riders from the meetup are automatically added, but others I have to manually add each time.

I seem to recall an option to set as default when I originally setup the rides. I’m wondering if I just need to go in and recreate the meetups and turn that setting on again.

Does anyone know if there is a setting that enables me to set the default invitation list and then automatically bring all the riders over?

No, it’s a bug that appeared relatively recently. I’ve been speaking to Zwift support about it but haven’t had anything more back than the fact they’re looking into it. Please contact support yourself to help them see different examples of the problem.

See Meetup Invitations problem

I opened a ticket with Support.

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