Meetups Broken?

Me and a friend have tried multiple times to do a meetup in the last two weeks using different devices. In each ride, I can see my friend, but they can not see me and the keep everyone together doesn’t work on these rides either. I leave them in the dust. I’m on a samsung galaxy tablet A7, and they’re on last year’s iPad.

What trainers do you both have?

Our trainers are the same ones we’ve been using all of last year, and meetups worked for us until after Feb 3rd (that was our last successful ride) I’m on a wahoo kickr snap and they’re on a travel track fluid comp with wahoo speed/cadence sensors.

Our club leads meetup rides frequently and we cannot see each other at start line or during the ride. The bug was introduced recently. I am using a Wahoo Kicker V5. I’ll cease leading Meetup rides until the bug is resolved.