Meetup Speeds Incorrect with Small Groups (46km/h or 28mph)

A friend and I rode Greater London 8 as a two-person meetup with the stay-together option.

Like many who posted, we did an insane climb of Box Hill. We were hitting 29 mph with only about a 150 watt effort.

At the KOM finish we both got an exclamation mark inside a triangle. The message was we were either pros or their was problem with the sensors.

Strangest part is we disappeared from view to each other. We both saw similar names on the “riders nearby”, but I didn’t see him or his name and vice versa.

Tech support recommended I check my version of firmware for my Tacx Neo. Indeed, it needed an update. My friend has a new Tacx Neo 2 and the firmware was up to date.

What devices did you use for Zwift and are they updated?

My smart trainer is a Tacx Neo.

I run Zwift off an iPad. The iOS is up to date for my vintage of iPad.

And your friend?

He has a Tacx Neo 2 and I believe he runs Zwift off his laptop (Windows).

Trying to confirm with him but he might be on a ride this morning.

To me it sounds like you were hidden from view because you were flagged by the algorithm. It has nothing to do with your sensors, trainers, or their firmware version. That was probably just bad tech support.

I can confirm he uses a laptop with Windows.

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I am experiencing this issue, but it seems to be mostly linked to when the creator of the meetup doesn’t take part(but logs in) and there are only two people riding. Zwift locks our speed at approx 40-45kph even going up gradients of 10%+. It is quite frustrating as it means your times up KOM’s are invalid and you can’t do a proper sprint.

I reported this back in Feb 2021 but it started back in 2020; got an acknowledgement that yes it was a known issue and the “devs were looking into it” and “they have confirmed that this is something they are working on fixing”. But still not fixed 6 month later.

My friends and I call it the tailwind/headwind meetup bug. Zwift say it’s restricted to meetups where there are small number of participant but the reality is, that’s what meetups are; typically a small group of friends who want to ride together.

It would be really nice if this could be looked at, it really does detract from the enjoyment especially when it’s the headwind variety.

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Had it happen today, ride in question has activity link of 929949019038318592

In this case it was making us go way too fast. If you take a look at the speed chart for that you can see how messed up it was. It kept the 3 of us doing 28.6mph (46kph) near constantly regardless of gradient or power output. It also wouldn’t let us go over 28.6mph even when going down the big hill in New York. Ended up having to delete the ride off Strava as the times were way way too fast and I was probably the strongest rider in the group. Maybe related, but it also displayed a “Finding riders…” for the entire ride for me.

Prior group ride worked better, no obvious stuck speed, it seemed to vary based upon our collective output, hills, etc.

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Hey that’s a coincidence because I haven’t seen any groups exhibiting this behavior ( sailing past me and shooting off up the road pulling half my effort) for ages , but today I saw a group doing exactly that . Haven’t seen it for so long and it was quite endemic for a while I thought they had fixed it but it must have just been hiding somewhere :frowning:

Something must trigger it .
BTW kudos for removing / making the Strava ride private . There are so many who don’t do that.

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My speed not getting past 24kph from lap 10 of volcano circuit…restarted trainer, no change. Changed bikes also did not help…really need to finish my 25 laps today

Did you do a u-turn? See Can't U-Turn [October 2021] [1.18.0]

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Nope no u turn

This happened to me today too, me and another rider were doing 100 km on a loop. Suddenly after 70 ish km the speed was capped at 46 km/h no matter the watts, up or down.
Sometimes when the terrain changed, it went away, but i only happened on the very steep hills.
When the meetup was over, everything was normal again.

I was on a wahoo v5, with zwift on a windows 10 desktop PC.

He was on a directo smart trainer, with zwift on an ipad. (Was calibrated)

It’s a shame that two person meetups has to be ruined like this - we are ashamed to have the rides up and counting…

Zwift please fix.

Happened to me today, when I got a very undeserved KOM at surey hills.

We had a two person Meetup and one of us was doing a workout. Don’t know if that might have played tricks with the meetup.

We’ve had a few (3-5) instances of a speed glitch on Group Rides lately that have caused us to ride at 40-46km/h regardless of the power we’re putting out or the elevation of the route. This only occurs when we have Stay Together turned on.

It typically happens when there are only 2 people in the group, but it’s happened once with 3 as well. The ride will start with more people and then they’ll leave. When it gets to 2 people the speed will change and be stuck at in the 40s and max out at 46km/h. Consistently. Even if we’re descending. It won’t go faster.

We hit the Volcano KOM and were going 45-46 km/h up the hill while only doing 2.5/3 w/kg.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I had the exact same issue today. Group ride started out with 2 riders with more joining late.

The ride got stuck on 46kph for the group.

Have experienced this in our twice weekly group rides for weeks now. Groups range in size from 2-8. It’s extremely frustrating. To compound the problem, people joining late aren’t "teleported’ or sped up to meet the group. If you choose to join a rider that you know is in the group you’re dropped immediately because it won’t keep you as part of the group and you can’t maintain unrealistic speeds.

We’ve postulated it might be related to how each person has their trainer difficulty calibrated but that really shouldn’t rocket everyone to 45kph.

Has anyone seen this when the group is running in imperial / mph?

For now we’ll probably keep it in the default mode and regulate our own speed.

I have noticed that on almost every ride I do the fastest riders on any KOM for the day are riders who are in small Meetups. The speeds are ridiculous, low HR, typically not high power, etc. They have yet to figure it out and we are here in 2022 now.

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