Meet ups

(Chay) #1

Hi. Using android.

Not sure if I’m being slow but when I try to create a meet up via companion app I get ‘subscribe to zwift to create meet up’ error/ warning when clicking on the banner.

I’m logged into the app, what am I missing???

(Vincent) #2

Hey Chay, when you force close the app then restart it do you still receive that error?
And is your Companion app running with Zwift the game on at the same time?

(Chay) #3

Hi. Force close, same error. Tried log out/ in same error.

Zwift is not running at same time. I use zwift and companion app in same device. Samsung s8.

(Chay) #4

I Reinstalled companion app. Still have same issue.

Anything else I can try?