Can’t create meetup - subscribe error

Hi, Zwift companion won’t let me create a meetup. It says I have to have a zwift subscription first.

But I have a subscription, and I have no problem logging in for a ride, even when using the companion app.

Is there a connection I have to make to get this to work? I had reloaded the app recently, it’s possible that the problem started when I did that. (running the app on an iPhone)

I should add that my billing is through apple, and I just got the email saying that it had been paid, but I still see the same error in companion.

I had a similar issue in the past.

What I was told was that there sometimes is a delay in your subscription status between Apple and Zwift.

When this happens, you can log out and log back in. That should fix the “no subscription” issue.

Thank you,

Logging out and in did not work. Neither did reinstall of the app.

Support is looking into it, I think.

It happened again earlier this week when there were a lot of zwifters on.