MEET UP manual end

Can we end meet up before the end time we set up when we created it?
Want to do a workout inside the meetup then we want to start free riding right before the loop Start/Finish Arch so we can have a little race


Let me see if I’m interpreting what you’re asking for:

  1. Your group friends enter a Meetup session.
  2. While you’re in the paddock, everyone selects the same structured Workout.
  3. Everyone begins the Workout before the Meetup countdown hits 0
  4. Do only part of this structured Workout (in ERG mode, presumably?)
  5. Make a group decision over ZC chat or Discord or something, to exit the Workout at the same time, while still staying together in the Meetup
  6. Continue on together in your Meetup as a free ride in whatever route you selected at the outset (in SIM mode so you have the road feel).

Does that sound like what you want to happen? I’m guessing the game logic will exit you from the session before step 6, but would you try it and let us know what happens?

Almost lol
I create the workout in training peaks
People that i coach will see the workout in their workout library folder under training peaks
They accept the meet up
Once the join meet up they load workout for the day ( lets say 1 hour total workout 1:20 meetup)
The meetup has a total time of 1 hour and 20 min so the workout finishes before the meetup finishes and we stay together till meet up finishes
But i want to do a little race when meet up finishes (thats when rubber band goes away )
But i would like to manualy finish the meet up like 5 secs before the finish arch so we can race start to finish in that particular course

we doing nowadays we race when the meetup finishes but i can calculate to finish next to the arch

Hope i explained weel

Gonna be honest and say that this specific use case is way beyond how Meetups are designed

If you can figure out a workaround, would you loop back and let us know?

I think a workaround would be that everyone quits the meetup at the same time right at the beginning of the “race” segment. You would all be on the honor system at that point.

Yep, I thought about that but would be difficult to a larger group do synchronize,would be nice if the organizer had the power to end meetup for all , Thanks