MBP16 2019 AMD Radeon Pro 5500M OSX 10.15.7 20220326 update fail

MBP16 2019 AMD Radeon Pro 5500M OSX 10.15.7 yesterday’s update Mar26.
Initial start screen, the page magnified massively, then solid black.
Delete app, reinstall, retry - same hopeless black screen. Never got to pairing.
iPhone paired and worked OK. Network and computer in perfect condition for all other activities. RGT OK too.
My verdict — fatal bug in update.

Hi @Hal_Wye

Only thing I can think of is that perhaps the latest version of Zwift is not playing nice with your AMD Radon Pro 5500M graphics card or the graphics driver.

Is it safe to assume that MBP GPU has the latest driver? If you’re not sure, check the Mac section of this article.

Otherwise, I’d be curious to see a video exhibiting this “solid black” screen and what occurs on your computer leading up to it. Can you record a short video and send it to Zwift support?

You can reach us here.