Maybe spinning out on Zwift Hub One

I’m fairly new to cycling, been using the hub one for about two months. The resistance has felt very comparably to when I’m on the road, so it feel like everything is working as expected. I don’t have the best endurance, but after some warm up I can push out some good watts in short bursts. The problem I’m having is I’m recently able to get up to around 650w in 24th gear on a flat with my cadence at just over 100 still seated, but the pedal strokes become very erratic, feels like gaps in the resistance at bottom/top of stroke, and I can’t imaging pedaling any faster to get more watts even though I still have more left in my legs. I am on flat pedals so not if that makes a difference. Is this a limitation of the virtual shifting on the Hub One or something else?

Hi @Jason_Quader, welcome to the forums.

What size front chain ring does your bike have? If you aren’t familiar, count the teeth or it should be stamped on the side somewhere.

I’m on the smallest ring, 24T.

that’s the issue, you are spinning out… move the chain to the largest cog on the front chain ring if you can.

I thought the hub one emulated the same ratios regardless of what the bike was using on the front. I’ll give it a try though.

I’m not very familiar with how the virtual shifting works, but I bet the smallest cog it can emulate is a 10 or 11 tooth? Pair that with the small 24t front chain ring and you will spin out easily.

Changing to my middle ring made a big difference. I’m able to put out more watts at a lower cadence, as you’d expect. I just thought the Hub One would have compensated and lowered resistance, nullifying the change, but it didn’t. I was able to get my 700 watt badge. :wink: Thanks!

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