Trainer Speed/Resistance Factor

I’ve run into an issue with “spinning out” on the flats. This is actually with a junior rider with a 24" wheel bike on a Wahoo KICKR Snap. He’s spinning at 105 rpm in the bike’s biggest gear and generating about 120 watts.

A mechanical fix seems improbable. The small cog on the freewheel looks about the minimum size. A chainring swap would require a complete new set of cranks, if I could even find some suitable.

I’m trying really hard here not to say “virtual gearing” because those threads have all been locked. Maybe because the Zwift Hub is available and features virtual gear shifting…? But anyway, buying a Zwift Hub wouldn’t solve this problem, unless it works for a 24" wheel and by some miracle I could wrangle this cog set onto it (which looks very unlikely).

And I don’t actually need “virtual gears”. Just a multiplier for the bike wheel/trainer flywheel speed. If it were possible to multiply the flywheel speed by a 1.25 factor, and increase the resistance accordingly, he’d be able to generate the same power at a more reasonable cadence.

Anyone have other ideas on how to deal with this?

I think you can use that qzdomo app or whatever it is called

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This is a common problem on bikes with low gearing. You can have virtual gears using the QZ app (

The developer @Roberto_Viola will help you get it set up.

The Zwift Hub One does support 24" wheel bikes if you want to go that route. That would also be workable, but not strictly required. It would require using an 8 speed 3/32" chain, so if the bike is a single speed with a 1/2" chain that would still need some modification to fit the trainer.

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qz developer here if you need help
Merry christmas guys!

Thanks guys. I’ll check out the QZ app.

Roberto - thanks for checking in. I’ll let you know if I need some assistance!