Max Climb in Strava


My max climb in strava is the largest climb in my immediate area. Can I do a longer virtual climb on Zwift to set a new record on Strava?


It all depend how high the climb was?

The Alpe du Zwift 1047m elevation

Or Ven-top 1543m elevation

I’m not sure if I’m understanding you correctly here. But any Zwift climbs that you do will be logged against the GPS coordinates in Zwift, which are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for Zwift’s two biggest climbs. That won’t help you with any local Strava records, if that’s what you were thinking.

Sorry if I was unclear.

I don’t necessarily want any local strava records. Just on my athlete’s profile where it shows longest distance ride, and biggest climb. Currently shows the max climb in my area. Physically impossible to get more without traveling.

Tacx Desktop App for example, allows you to load GPX files and ride them, and I believe other trainer software (TDA included) has routes of famous climbs around the world.

My question was specifically if I load a GPX file of a real world climb, or ride a real world climb on training software, Maybe Alpe? but that i guess isn’t mapped to an actual strava segment,? would it count toward my biggest climb in my profile, or not, because it was virtual.

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In your Strava profile your largest single climb elevation gain is listed. He is asking if he does a large virtual climb will it be reflected in his profile as his careers largest climb or is it only outdoor rides. Unfortunately I do not know the answer to this.

Example, to date perhaps his largest climb is 700m and that is in his Strava profile. Then he climbs AdZ in Zwift. Does Strava still show 700m as largest climb or will it be AdZ at 1047m?

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My biggest climb on Strava is one from Rouvy…though it seems like I had a bigger climb in Fulgaz…I would have to check to see if Fulgaz counts, but yes, it appears your biggest climb can be a real road done virtually. At least if from Rouvy. I do not have anything nearby nearly as high as the Rouvy climb.

Where is the biggest climb in my Strava profile?
Cannot find it…

Click on your avatar in Strava and it will be on the right side in all the stats. You may have to scroll down a bit.

log in on a desktop, go to my profile, and it will be on the right side under your all time stats.

My Strava profile does NOT list my virtual ride as my largest elevation gain, it only shows my IRL ride. If it counted virtual rides, then Ven-Top would be there with over 5,000 ft of climbing.

My biggest climb is one listed from Rouvy but I have larger from Fulgaz…so Rouvy counts but not Fulgaz…hmmm…will have to try another, taller climb from Rouvy and see if it updates.

Off topic: is there a way to do Rouvy and Zwift simultaneously?? If I do a big climb in Rouvy I sure would like it to count towards the Everest challenge.

Thanks, found it and can answer the question - no, Zwift climbing does not count here (my biggest climb IRL 1208m showing there, not my Ven-Top Zwift climbs).

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Mine lists a Rouvy ride…I think Zwift is too virtual.

I believe it has to line up with a actual segment, and perhaps even be a ranked climb in Strava as well.

Oddly, trying to confirm the criteria before pushing to beat my PR is proving incredibly difficult.

I assume that your Rouvy ride was an actual segment, that is ranked in Strava. And that, although virtual, does count to your personal best.

I wish that I can get someone from Strava to confirm

Well I went in and looked and the Rouvy climb is actually a downhill…hmmm…so I would go with IRL for Strava Climbs…

Updated December 02, 2020 22:32

The “Biggest Climb” statistic on your profile page is calculated from the segment you’ve completed with the most elevation difference between the start and end. This biggest climb does not reflect the largest total elevation gain you’ve achieved on a ride. In order to qualify to be your Biggest Climb, that segment must be a Strava categorized climb and be matched to your ride. Virtual ride segments will not count towards your biggest climb.