Mass start events

The Focus events this weekend had > 3000 riders and was unridable. Joined both events and the lag was ridiculous, real world time of 10 mins was showing as only 5 mins in game. The volcano circuit was hilarious, took the best part of 5 mins to get up the tiny ramp. In the end had to bail on both events.

If you struggle to support that many riders, cap the entry or have staggered start times.

Won’t be joining the third event, and wil avoid future events with that many riders.

Hi @Spike_OnABike

It will be interesting to see what your frame rate was.

Put your log file into

Look at your average and p5 fps.

Second discussion here. I had a good experience on the first event (maybe a different time of day from you?) but terrible on today’s second event. Focus: Colours of PARI - Shorter Ride

Same problem here with a i7 12go of ram and NVIDIA dedicated graphics card. I rode Lilac no problem with a mini pc celeron a machine way slower on thursday night. Putting out average 2.5kg\w at 219 watts finish 1300? I was using my laptop and the compagnon on my phone. The compagnon was flashing like a christmas tree!