Makuri - Daruma Dolls

A nice touch having these guys in the new world, but should they really have both eyes painted ? (Assuming future expansion is going to continue for the foreseeable).

Probably nit-picking here lol, excellent job on the new world.


I’m not overly cultural. What’s the score with these?

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The idea is that you buy them with two blank eyes. Then you think of a goal that you want to achieve in your life and draw/paint in one eye. You only fill in the second eye when you achieve that goal.


I shall add that knowledge to my memory bank in the hope it’s the million pound/dollar question on “who wants to be a millionaire”.

Perhaps that particular Daruma Doll belongs to a fellow Zwifter who just nailed a PB up the KOM and thus achieved their goal?

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Thanks for the savvy question! I’ve forwarded it to the Game Art team for consideration.

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