Make ZP show riders CE category in CE races

Would be great if Zwift could update Zwifpower so that when an organiser runs a category enforcement race it would show the correct category for CE riders. As it is now I as an organiser get tons of questions about why that A rider can join a B category and so on.

Would be great if the ZP crew could update the categories for a CE race so that the riders joining the race would show up correctly. As it is now people just gets confused and angry about it.

Zwift have said they’re not making further enhancements to Zwift Power, so it probably (almost certainly) won’t happen. A better solution would be to eliminate the Zwift Power category system entirely and have no ambiguity about a rider’s category at the time they signed up.

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I totally agree with Martin Björgvik, in our club we have the HISP WINTER TOUR going on right now and we have a lot of mails because of the uncertainty of the riders with the categories, let’s see if zwift will find a solution.

Yes, but maybe, just maybe, they could at least splash a few big, boldface headlines on ZP event pages to the effect that ZP Categories ≠ Category Enforcement Categories. Or put this verbiage in the event descriptions and keep doing so to hammer the point home?

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Now that CE data is available on the user’s profile, they could just link to that from ZP. So many things they could do!

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It would rely on honesty, but riders could edit the shown FTP in their Zwiftpower profile (via settings) to be their CE zFTP shown at The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

I would like to see a visual indication of a riders cat on their in game avatar.
Instead of a useless red flashing tail lamp, let it flash our category color.



This is should be a Feature request. 100%

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I’m Zwifting now and it looks like the red tail light is no longer on the bikes.

On the jungle route there was no flashing light now on tempest there is the light
Actually Titans Grove had the flashing light tempest does not have it