CE replacing legacy ZP categories on Zwiftpower from today (28th March)?

is this true?

Now word from Zwift themselves?

WTRL Team Time Trial - Updated Category System


Would be nice to have some active communication on this by Zwift HQ, as some race organizers depend on it.

Ooh. I do hope that this means that ZRL will switch to CE for the Autumn.

Hidden away in a facebook reply somewhere (as is standard) it was said that they would be moving away from ZP legacy to the new one which obviously aligns to cat enforcement.

Can’t wait for the incredibly complex and arbitrary hidden secret magic that means a DQ or an upgrade that goes with it though :slight_smile:


I heard this a few days ago. Would be nice if Zwift reach out to organisers to tell us of such changes coming in case it impacts our events.

And i assume from this all race events on Zwift will move to Cat enforced?


It is peak zwift, do something good and f*** up the comms to make it a poor message… whatever way you fall, letting 1 partner push this message is poor for other organisers.

It’s only been 3/4/5 years they’ve been saying they’ll improve their comms…


“This conversion of ZwiftPower will also see the creation of an ‘A+’ Zwift Category too which a rider will become if their zFTP is greater than 300W AND 4.6 w/kg.”

So the fifth pen is going to be used for the aliens, rather than for instance, dealing with the increased range of ability in pen D that has come about because of Category Enforcement (instead of being an average of <2.5W/Kg for 20mins, it is now <2.625W/Kg for 40mins)?

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It’s obviously not aimed at encouraging more folk into racing.

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so we are getting 6 categories now when Zwift said they were changing any categories previously?

Are the Category boundaries now:

A+: 4.6 wkg >
A: 4.2wkg to 4.59wkg?
B: 3.3 to 4.19wkg
C: 2.6 to 3.2wkg
D: > 2.6

Seems quite unbalanced there when there is a huge fall of riders in B & C currently?


For simplicity’s sake under the can of worms that using power to determine pens is, I’d use round numbers for the pens something like…
D: < 2
C: 2-2.99
B: 3-3.99
A: 4-4.99
A+: 5+

This is nice and simple but I would like to see modeling of field sizes across the categories to make a decision about boundaries that helps create roughly equal fields in each category. Either that or throw away the fixed category boundaries entirely, let organizers configure events as they please, and don’t tell riders that they have any particular category outside the context of a specific event.


have a look at Zwiftracing.app - exactly that.

Tonights events by Electric Spirit are divided by much smaller pens based on rank from results, rather than arbitrary wkg numbers with static boundries


Yes I’m aware of it and would like to see a similar approach spread to more events and be properly integrated with the game. My fear is that ZwiftRacing.app is in for some rocky times as Zwift tears down ZwiftPower and replaces it with something else that doesn’t necessarily have the features required by third party ranking systems.

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Zwiftpower is a risk as Paul mentions, as it’s being used as an “API” by all developers and race organizers to get data out of Zwift. No one outside of WTRL has any true API and it’s stunting growth of better race organization.

If Zwift kills ZP they need to first deliver an API.


As teams are relying on Zwiftpower it would be nice to be able to see the Zwift CE categories there… I am already having a headache now to put teams together, without any data will be even worse…

oh wow, you perfectly summarized what I have been trying to say for 2 years. Couldn’t have said it better in only 3 sentences. Thanks

You can upvote the API-request here (I needed a lot more texts):


nice of them to finally include an A+ category

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That’s exactly what they are doing. well what WTRL say zwift are doing just ZHQ seem to be surprisingly quiet on the subject if it’s meant to go live today i would of expected some sort of communication/announcement.

According to WTRL.racing under the TTT registration this is announced only for the 6th of April, next week.