How will CE be applied to results in ZwiftPower for Zwift Games

I’m back to racing after a long period and Zwift Games is my first go at a series with a GC classification. Now that we’ve got two races in the books I’m keen to see how I stack up against other riders in my category. When I look at the top results some riders are up a Cat in ZP. I suspect some of that is people being promoted after the or because of one of their first two races.

I’m just curious how final GC will be handled in regards to that. I’m in no position to podium or compete for anything meaningful but I’d love to see where I stack up in a list for just my category.

I know this sort of thing gets asked 10 times a week but I swear I looked for an answer for Zwift games and couldn’t find one.

Thanks in andvance for any info on this. Loving the series!

I would assume if you cat up from say C to B… then you can’t finish the series in C… so you will not be added to the cat C GC results for any races post promotion. I also assume that your C cat results won’t be added to the B cat GC… so kind of a lose lose there.

You can request to have your lower category GC results shifted to a higher category.

Thanks. I’m not concerned about being promoted but would like to see where I land in the GC after promoted riders in my category have been filtered out.

WTRL has specific rules for handling Cat promotions. I’m hoping there’s something documented about Zwift Games.

stage 3 and 4 lot cleaner of racing i think. been lot upgrades, ZHQ hates to DQ over the Cap riders, 4.5 watts per Kg in the C group, at like 300 watts they may remove them, that is rare you have to ask them to do it. @Thomas_Baiter

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They won’t be filtered out but after the next stage which they can’t enter they will drop off from the top as they can’t record a result.

Only thing that might skew them is if they cat up on the last round they’ll still appear in the overall GC as they entered all races as the right cat

Why is that? Because of longer races?

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Oh that makes sense. Thanks.

Actually I guess with the difference in route distances between C and B for the Epic event, it wouldn’t make much sense for them to allow this change if that stage were included in the pre-upgrade results.

If you sign up for all stages of Zwift Games before getting a pen promotion, you can race in the lower pen and potentially win GC.


@Steve_Clowes who would do that ? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are racing to win GC, you need to single up multiple races weeks down the road if you might get promoted.

Theoretically you can race in D even after getting promoted to A if you signed up ahead of time.

Chasing GC, seems to be a function of staying under cat * the probability of people 1-1.5x cat above your current one towing. It has little to do with how well you race, rather how likely someone out of cat is towing in your race.

That’s true for in-cat too. If the best 10 riders in your cat are all in your race you might be able to hold their wheels and finish with a good time, but your best effort in the same event where the best riders aren’t in the top 5% of your cat will likely result in a slower time.

I’m personally not chasing GC but I am curious where I’ll land in my cat.

Most “best” in the cat riders are able to still produce a 3x ftp power at the end of the race even while pushing 90% of the cat limit in draft the entire race.

CE is really a function of how well you can stay near the peak cat limit while doing sub Z5 and have a massive sprint.

It’s actually interesting when out of cat riders are towing because these riders have to let go of the front or risk carting up. Of course the heaviest and the lightest never are truly at risk.

If you are a C cat and are at risk of becoming a b cat, the only way that I know, is to schedule the final races first. If you sign up for a race as a legitimate C, you will still be allowed to race the scheduled race as a C.
This is not regulated with special rules or judges decisions. Plain old regular Zwift style in this case.