Zwift Games 2024

I did two races on CAT D on Zwift games and one race on CAT C on Zwift games. The sistem does not allowed me to run on D, so I did the C CAT on the last race. Now, in the general clasification for me is showing two different positions, is that ríght?

Yes. If you want a GC ranking you can try contacting and ask them to move your D rides to the GC for C.

Congrats on your upgrade :raised_hands:

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This is (a part of) an answer I got after contacting Zwift:
After taking a look at your account, I was able to see the completion of the stages you mentioned and that you’re listed twice in the general classification. I’m afraid that it is not possible to move the results because the power wont be fit the category.

Thanks to all! My Numbers were corrected.