Make virtual shifting compatible with all smartbikes

Helo there !

Just bought a simple smart bike recently (Bodytone SMB1 V3) and then I discovered all those biking App like Zwift. I love the concept of it so I’ve bought the Zwift Play for better controls but mainly to be able to virtual shift ! It’s really unpleasant to not be able to control the “resistance” from the app like I could do in real life by changing the gear.

Unfortunately I discovered that it wasn’t compatible with my smart bike or any smart bikes in fact. It’s a “simple” +1 or -1 on the resistance of my smart bike that Zwift already controls ! I understand that Zwift is more for hardcore bikers with real home trainers etc… but I think that’s an opportunity to improve the experience for beginners in the smart bike world (that perhaps later will move to home trainers…).


That’s not how virtual shifting works in Zwift. It could be, if they wanted to do it, but the way they implemented it depends on a trainer firmware update so it knows how to put you in the middle of the gear range. The QZ app ( does allow you to manage resistance in the way you described, and it can be paired with the Zwift Play controllers for shifting (though I think the other functions of the shifter are not supported). Talk to the developer @Roberto_Viola if that interests you.


Hi @Richard_Kritter let me know if you have any questions about QZ

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