Cycleops H2 with Zwift Play

Just tried the zwift play with my Cycleops H2 trainer using MacBook Pro running game. Connected to the game but the virtual shifting feature was not functional. All other features work. Does ZP work with all ant/BT trainers? Is this a compatibility issue? Thanks.

Virtual shifting in Zwift only works with the Zwift Hub, Wahoo Kickr Core, and Wahoo Kickr V6. Other Wahoo trainers are expected to be supported soon when Wahoo updates the firmware.

For any other smart trainer you would need to use a 3rd party app to do it:

Talk to @Roberto_Viola if you’re interested in that.

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Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunate.

You can use with qz! Did you try?

Not yet. Not familiar with qz so will check it out. Makes virtual shifting possible?

yes if your trainer can already change the resistance via bluetooth, qz can do virtual gearing

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So, looked at the app and have a question. The trainer interfaces with Zwift via bluetooth and can change resistance similar to other trainers running zwift. It is not clear from the app however, whether the virtual shifting/gearing you describe can still be done with the Zwift play device. Rather it looks like it is done on the app itself. Is that correct? thanks.

you can do both: from the gear tile on qz and from zwift play connected to qz

You can’t use any other function of Zwift Play if you connect to QZ App.
It will only let you use VS.