Make the course gradient graph much more visible

That would be great, not only the last few metres, but from the base of the climb and counting!

I often watch catch-up TV while Zwifting, hovering over the Zwift icon on the Windows menu bar to see what’s going on in miniature. If I hit an extreme slope then the resistance change (and often the world view) makes it obvious what’s going on, but a gradient change of a few % is more difficult to gauge. So, it would be nice if we could customize the display so that the gradient is more visible when viewed in this kind of small format.

You are exactly right, the small screen does not give you enough detail on how long the hill is or if that tiny little flat spot is really flat or downhill. Even on long climbs you only know what the current grade is and not what the upcoming grade will be.


I’d like the current position marker to include direction information. Just change the dot to a dot with a point left or right. Each time I get onto a different segment the course gradient map changes and it would be nice to be able to tell at a glance which direction my avatar is headed.

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It is in there,


Ha! Awesome. I thought that was just a dot. (Actually, even in the magnified image, it still just looks like a dot.)

Maybe make it a bit more prominent so we can see it at 190 bpm? Perhaps move the triangle to the left or right side on the outside of the circle (sort of like the point at the bottom of the position marker)? Or just put an arrow below the position marker at the bottom of the gradient window? -->


Yeah, but it’s so small and once again the contrast is terrible.

I get that Zwift is all about the orange, but against a white background it’s barely better than yellow on white. I struggle to determine direction often, especially at a glance.


That is the advantage of having a 27" right in front of you (10" in front of my handle bar).

But having the arrow a bit bigger without the circle may help a bit.


I think the use of visual aid here would be great, keeping with the current color guidelines (used in the current gradient display of the number)

Like racing lines from racing games, it would be awesome.
And give you an better understanding of the hill/climb


I wish also to see the profile quite a bit more zoomed in.
How about making it possible for the rider to choose what suits them.
Make it zoomable.


The racing lines suggestion is a great idea as it is difficult to see the upcoming changes in gradient and pre judge the best gear selection. Including the gradient in each chevron would also be a great help, it would also mean you would spend more time looking at the course ahead rather than the minuscule box in the top right corner of the screen

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Really almost any change in the gradient would be better. It took me a couple hundred miles just to figure out what it’s doing - changing directions, for starters, and then flattening and moving around for long stretches. Particularly if a rider has selected a course or is in an event, the gradient ought to just show the ride I’m on and the markers that matter for it.


I’m ok with the grade profile in the mini map as it is. On my 32" 3 feet in front of my face it’s plenty big to get a general idea of what hills lie ahead. And the instantaneous grade marker showing the profile of the next 300 meters gives me plenty of notice to prepare for any changes in gearing or position I need to make.


+1, Nicolas. This is exactly what I came in here to say. So often, I’ll be looking at the upcoming profile, getting ready for the hill it’s showing, then my route takes me through a turn and it turns out I wasn’t ever going to see the profile it was showing. If I’m on a selected course, it should show the profile as I will actually see it if I don’t override the turns for the course I’ll default to.


I like the course profiles used by Zwift Insider when they show Zwift route - whole course and profile visible in pseudo 3-D.

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Like it. I would also like to the gradient road signs every 1km on the major climbs , like you see in Mountains in France.

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Agree. First (previous) example was much better. I think it should be a choise in menu settings between two of then for each rider

These are nice. Maybe make them toggleable (word?) like the “G” Heart Rate/Power graph.

Have the gradient display so the course always goes from left to right across the screen. So if you do a U-turn, the entire gradient display reverses and the marker showing my position continues traveling from left to right.

And PLEASE make the display show the entire route I’m following. I want to know what’s coming - having the course profile change each time my avatar comes to a junction makes it rather useless.

All I really wanted was to have the direction indicator made clearer. And that should still be done. But these are much better!


Couldn’t agree more with everyone else. Knowing what’s coming up is key to planning your race strategy and the lack of this visibility over climbs really lets the Zwift experience down. Please revert to what you had before!!

I have a trainer (Elite Turbo Muin ant+) that isn’t controllable via resistance. So I go up the gears give me the same feeling when climbing. I sometimes miss the gradient change if I’m not concentrating on the screen.

Some of the options above would be really useful for me;

  • the partially transparent overlay above would be great (and you could have it as an option to turn it off and on with a key).
  • I also like the idea of having a gradient screen in the companion app - this would be really useful for me. It would be good to make the companion app completely customisable, like my garmin 520, so I could create my own screens, and display what I want to see. Everyone would be happy then, as they pick what they want to see
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