Make new products more visible + bring more variety of products

Several days ago during one of the rides I’v shared with other riders about the just received Tour de Zwift essential set and people started to ask what I did in order to receive it. They were just not aware about those new products.


  1. When there are new cool things on - bring some banner inside the forum pages, links, or any other visualization into forum, or even inside the game during the login.

Why?.. Well, it will bring more money to Zwift project and as a result will allow more…etc…etc…etc…
Probably, most of the people will not go dally, or even on weekly/monthly basis to, so they will not be aware about new products in the Zwift Shop.

  1. Bring more types of “essential kits”, including big sets of towels (with different sizes: for usage in gym and shower later), calendars that could be used in gyms etc…etc…etc…