Major Connectivity issues

I wonder if anything can help.

I have been experiencing countless connectivity issues since getting my new zwift hub (with virtual shifting)

I’ve tried connecting in the following ways:

By Bluetooth: constant drop outs in power, resistance and the virtual shifting controller to the point where it’s almost unusable.

By ANT with extension: everything connects but totally it fails to recognise or connect to the virtual shifting controller.

Using the companion app connecting via phone. Again could not connect to the virtual shifting controller on most times in tried it. Eventually I did get it to connect and on that occasion was able to ride with out drop outs for as long as I tried it. I’ll try this method again.

Conclusion: is it best to connect by phone?

Any help or advise gratefully received


Yeah you are not alone. Many people find pairing Click or Play controllers more stable via Companion.

ANT+ is not supported at all by the Click shifter so that’s not expected to work.