Magene S3+ does not got asleep - always connected

Hi there,

I’ve bought 2 units of Magene S3+ cad/spd sensors but they never go asleep!
They were supposed to enter “sleep mode” after 1min static in order to save battery, but they are showed as “connected” all the time at my Garmin Fenix 5x settings/sensors/ page.
I do haver several others sensors and they correctly apear as “searching” when not operating.
I’m using ANT+.
I’ve already entered Magene Utility app and paired both with BT (IOS) and there were no option for firmware upgrade so imagine they have the latest version…
I ask because I find hard to get 2 units with the exact same problem…
Other wise I’ll have to return them.

Thank you very much.

I’ve got the S3+ for outdoor riding. They’re always on, everytime I turn on my bike computer, they’ll connect almost right away before I even turn the pedals. in the past year and half I’ve only had to change the batteries once though, so maybe it does go to sleep :man_shrugging:t2:

Could it be that your Fenix is keeping it awake it you’ve got it connected?

Using ANT+ the watch is only receiving. There is no pairing like BLE.
No to mention that this only happen with those 2 Magene sensors.
I’ve also got some friends test with their Edge and the same has happened.
It’s a product issue.

Magene S3+ cad/spd sensors here too. Just changed my first batteries after 8 months of pretty heavy use. Can’t tell if they go to sleep or not. I am okay with the battery life.