Magene Gemini 210 not pairing on Galaxy S7

The android zwift app can’t find my bluetooth Magene Gemini 210 speed sensor. Anyone else using this sensor?

Problem solved. Had to enable location in app permission.

Yes, same problem with my Mi note 5 pro. Location permission is already given

Are you using the same speed sensor? Have you tried troubleshooting your blutetooth connection? We have a guide here that may help -

I’m having the same problem with this speed sensor, the app finds it as a cadence sensor but not as a speed sensor.
zwift already have location permission

I’m using a galaxy note 10

Strava finds the speed sensor without problems

Same here. Magene gemini 210 from aliexpress is not pairing on android using ble.
Here is log when using nRF tools

Any other tools like RoProducts BikeComputer Pro are working

Some problem with Zwift. My Magene 210 is recognized as power meter and cadence. But is in Speed Mode. The same issue ocurr in my Smartphone Samsung A50.
Use zwift is been annoying for me.

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The Magene sensor is a dual speed and cadence sensor but you need to switch modes manually by taking out and re-inserting the battery. Each time the battery is replaced it toggles to the other mode. If the sensor is in the wrong mode as expected you need to open it up and do the battery dance again. Sometimes it takes more than one try, and if it takes more than one try remember that it will switch modes again so you need to do another try.

One issue I have with the Magene is that it will often default back to speed sensor (I only use mine as cadence) so after a few hundred battery insertions I bought a dedicated Wahoo cadence sensor instead.

I am also with problem using Magene on Zwift. There’s an bug on zwift the recognize just as power meter.

I asked for help in support. But not solved.

I don’t understand your question.

Are you using the Magene Gemini for speed or cadence? what trainer do you have?

I am using for speed. But zwift desktop/android version Just recognize as power meter .

Now I have an echowell speed/cadence too. Work ok in desktop version. But not find the sensor in Android version.

Today I sent my notebook to dell support and until came back I can’t use zwift. I installed rouvy and no problem to pair.

I really need a solution to be able use zwift.

I m having the same problem the magene gemini only work in cadence mode. It connects in speed mode but when I turn the wheel the speed does not increase, is always zero.

I got the same issue with magene speed sensor detected as power source. Did you solve that? How?

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I am having the same problem with the Gemini 210 speed sensor. I have a Motorola G6 plus with Android 9.0

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Guys, download the update for Gemini “Magene Utility App”- for android or IOS, it fixed my problem when I updated the new firmware!

Thanks god!

I can’t see the app on play store… can you share the link?

Yo acabo de bajar la app aparece en otro idioma asiático creo, pero al bajarla traduce todo y es automático, ya me hizo reconocimiento del sensor y logré actualizarlo al ultimo firmware

I just downloaded the app appears in another Asian language I think, but when you download it it translates everything and it is automatic, it already recognized the sensor and I managed to update it to the latest firmware

Aquí para descargar APP

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for anyone need help in connecting magene, try to download anttester on your google play, and you need to dowload antplugins + antradioservices. and let app permissions to use hardware (ant hardware). it will helps

Same here. Magene sensor is ble/ant sensor, and has 2 modes: cadence only and speed only. When you replace battery, mode is switched.
In Speed mode it is detected correctly as Ant+ but as Power meter as BLE.
Due to not all have ANT+ module, there is a problem with those sensors in speed mode via bluetooth - they are detected as power, not as speed sensor.

SOLVED: Guide here [SOLVED] Magene Gemini 210 (S3+) BLE\Bluetooth not pairing

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