Magene Gemini 210 not pairing on Galaxy S7

The android zwift app can’t find my bluetooth Magene Gemini 210 speed sensor. Anyone else using this sensor?

Problem solved. Had to enable location in app permission.

Yes, same problem with my Mi note 5 pro. Location permission is already given

Are you using the same speed sensor? Have you tried troubleshooting your blutetooth connection? We have a guide here that may help -

I’m having the same problem with this speed sensor, the app finds it as a cadence sensor but not as a speed sensor.
zwift already have location permission

I’m using a galaxy note 10

Strava finds the speed sensor without problems

Same here. Magene gemini 210 from aliexpress is not pairing on android using ble.
Here is log when using nRF tools

Any other tools like RoProducts BikeComputer Pro are working