macOS 10.14 Segmentation Fault


(Christopher) #1

Broken on macOS 10.14. Pretty lame.

(Lin) #2

Being a bit more descriptive would be useful.

  • Was this a start-up crash or mid-ride crash or what?
  • What version Zwift are you running? (i.e., is it the latest?)
  • If you’re running OS X 10.14, you might consider patching to 10.14.2.

While I primarily now use my Apple TV 4K, I also use my Macbook Pro. I am not saying that it cannot happen, but in 3yrs of using my Macbook, I have never seen a segmentation fault while using Zwift.

(Christopher) #3

Descriptive? There is a complete stack trace in the link provided. This happened directly from startup. Somewhere after GFX_Initialize() is called. Did you forget to create a global GL context? That’s a pretty typical problem and would explain the segfault.

(Lin) #4

I am not a developer for Zwift nor do I work for Zwift. That said, I did have a good look at the stack trace. Aside from the segfault, the main thing that stood out is that it appears to be an early 2011 15"in Macbook Pro.

Perhaps it is too old for Zwift? Did Zwift ever run on that laptop? If it did run before, then perhaps a support ticket would be your best bet.

Based on Zwiftalizer, there are a few logs (albeit rather low resolution and low fps) that could be from the same make/model laptop meaning that at some point it worked for someone who used Zwiftalizer.