MacBook Pro First Ride Feedback

(Lee Mead VC Meudon (C)) #1

OS X Yosemite
Processor 2.6GHz Intel Core i5
Memory 8GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics Intel HD 4000 1024 MB

Wahoo KickR with Mini Garmin Ant+

Very Impressed - Gameplay Very Smooth
All connected very smooth - No Issues
Rode For 2 Hours

One Main View Available At The Moment ?

(Christopher Pallotta) #2

Select the numbers one through nine on your keyboard to change views. Do a search on this forum for “keyboard shortcuts” for more shortcuts.

(Michele B.(@micchei)) #3

mac pro 13" retina display , 04/2014,
processor 2,4 GHz, Intel Core i5
memory 8 Gb
Intel Iris 1536 MB
Wahoo Kickr with suunto ant+

Only one lap, after dinner…only to try!
very happy for this opportunity, I like gaming with the power of my legs.
2 problems:
The commands on the left top of the screen (the apple and the other ones) don’t work.
The fan of my mac runs…a lot.

(Marc Giroux) #4

Mac Book Air 11 inch Mid 2013
1.7Ghz Core i7
8GB Ram
Intel HD Graphics 5000

Ride was amazing, I loved it 55 minutes no issue.