Mac graphics jumpy

(Michael Bush) #1

Anyone else noticing the video graphics on Macbook Pro are extremly jumpy? Setup for beta Mac was easy and like others I’d prefer to use over my POS Dell. I switched back to dell and graphics are much smoother. I have an older mac so wondering if that is the issue…thx

(Rune Olofsson.100kg69y) #2

On my Macbook Air 13" 256SDD (early 2014) 64-bit fully updated. Some things are “itchy”, and bit to much heat coming between [ESC] key and screen.

(Thomas Droumenq) #3

Playing on a MacBook Pro Retina Display mi-2012 with Yosemite duplicated on a TV through AirPlay via an Apple TV, no issue whatsoever on either screen, very fluid.

(Aaron Deutsch - BMTR) #4

Zwift will need very specific system information in order to be of any help at all.

Apple men -> About this mac

Provide OS version number, processor, memory and anything else that might be relevant eg: SSD drive or OEM.

On the same info screen press ‘More info’ and provide the graphic card info

(Aaron Deutsch - BMTR) #5

Also your internet connection may be helpful eg: Time Warner Cable, 10m down/ 1m up.

(Richard Brandon) #6

I am having the same issue, both when mirroring displays and running native.

My Specs: