Macbook Pro 15” still freezes on longer rides


A few months ago I did a previous post about my Macbook Pro 15’’ freezing when I am doing long rides on Zwift. After that I started putting my laptop on a stool in order for it to ventilate properly. It worked well for a while but now the same problem has started to occur again.

I have recently started the active off season training plan and some of the rides are between 2-3 hours. It is a shame when the laptop freezes and I don’t have the time to start over.

Is it possible to lower the resolution or something because I hear that my fan is going on like crazy and the laptop gets really hot.

Otherwise, is it possible to start again from where in the ride it crashed?

Would be thankful for an answer!


You can lower the resolution via Menu – Settings (after starting a session, of course, because Zwift), but I don’t think it will make any real difference here. I’d say your best bet is getting an Apple TV (or pretty much any PC (I paid 25 euro for mine) plus a decent GPU).

How about trying a laptop cooling pad?

I will try this! Otherwise I am thinking of buying new sensors so I can couple them with an iPad through bluetooth instead.

Thank you.