M1 / Apple Silicon compatibility

This is the setting I have:

set gFoliagePercent=7

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Yowza. I feel like my laptop would go on fire at 7. I heard anything over 5 creates issues.

That’s the problem with benchmarks. they only measure what they are programmed, or allowed, to measure. Intel, can’t remember how many years ago now, got busted for their benchmarks for a new chip that showed it was burning up the place, and yet many other benchmarks were showing it to be anemic and practically worthless. Coincidentally, it wasn’t out for long. And internet speed tests are so gamed as to be pretty worthless too.

Put it in users hands and see it in real world stresses. Like all of the entry level Apple Silicon seemed to be deliberately hobbled in SSD transfer speeds. Like really slow compared to the higher level systems. Like people are so pissed there has been talk of a class action lawsuit! Apple rates them as blisteringly fast, but for storage transfers, a real life joke.

So buy big kiddies, I guess… (Not that Zwift uses a lot of disk transfers, but I hear it’s also memory transfers as well.

I had that with my straight Intel Mini. I let it sit there for a few minutes while I was getting ready, and came back to a disaster on the screen. I’ve had some other video artifacts too from time to time, and that’s set to high, but everything else stock.

I do have an M1 base Mini and could swap to it, but not sure I’d really gain much with it. It was a backup when the Intel one was in for a new mainboard.

I do have an older 8-core Xeon Mac Pro, but Zwift probably wouldn’t run on the version of macOS on it. It has a good, for that age, video card in it. (Can’t see getting rid of it. It’s been such an amazing machine)

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If it has a Metal capable GPU (or you replace the GPU with one of the Metal-capable offerings) and the OS gets updated using OCLP, then it would probably work.

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What version specifically? 5,1 or 6,1?

6,1 are a bit dubious video card wise (beautiful to look at, I have one). 5,1 you can upgrade to Monterey 12.6.3 provided you use Opencore and follow the instructions.

Nearly the perfect GPU for a 5,1 these days is the RX6600XT - provided you can flash it on a PC to work with a Classic Mac Pro. This card doesn’t consume too much power and it fits.

CMPs do well with a SSD and you can also extend their usefulness (and convenience) by getting the Bluetooth and WIFI upgrade kit. This replaces the default Bluetooth and wifi with a card out of a newer iMac so you get airdrop, universal control, etc.

I can guide you on the OS upgrade if I know what machine you have.

My 6,1 has dual D700 GPUs but it is slower on Zwift than the older 5,1 with RX6600XT. The modern GPUs are far superior.

Thanks everyone. I forgot what it is. I think it’s a 4.1 upgraded to a 5.1.

I haven’t had it running in a while, but there is an old project I need to get off of it to seed another one.

I’ll get it running tomorrow. Have to get the video card info too. It’s not the stock card but the Apple specific upgrade for that model. Seriously no idea what it is at the moment. It could get a 295th lease on life. Love that box… Spent a lot of long nights with that box.

RX580 probably.

That topic will give you everything you need to know about the newer generation Radeon GPUs in older Mac Pros. Beware 6800/6900 will need Pixlas power mod because the onboard power sockets don’t provide enough power (so you have to tap it from different circuits). 6950 doesn’t work.

Thanks. I’m on MacRumors too, and thought of scraping it. Someone offered me money for it, but I can’t seem to part with it. I heard people are using the chassis for PC systems, but no.

I thought of using it as a music server, but if/when it died I’d be up a long winding dark road to replace it. I’ll try tomorrow to get it out of the bottom of a server cabinet and plug it in. Thanks for the help. It would be good to have a purpose for it again. It was my main number crunching box for quite a while.

I realize it’s a bit off topic. Thanks…

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Welp my Zwift crashed around 25km into a 40km ride and I lost a bunch of drops. Bumped it down to foliage = 4 and that seems to have fixed the stuttering/flickering HUD and hopefully will prevent future crashes.

It depends on the world for me. New worlds like Urakaze (sp?) and Scotland seem to be more sensitive. France is also really bad. I started at 5 and just kept bumping down until I had rides with no glitching, so now I’m down to 2.

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Makuri Islands have been ok for me on 4 so far, haven’t had any issues on Scotland either. I’ll keep updating here if I see anything weird. It would be nice if Zwift just added an M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 profile…

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We’ve been asking that for over a year. It’s ridiculous they haven’t added specific support for these processors (CPU/GPU), yet here we are, 2 years later…

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Have you tried reaching out to support? I’m wondering if we did that if it would be more likely to get actioned…

Many times. But yes, the more customers screaming about this the better, so I encourage everyone on this thread who cares, to open a support ticket on this.


Anyone else here in ZwiftAppMetal getting the issue that Zwift window size is not remembered?

Every time I start Zwift the window size is about 70% of my desktop and must be adjusted again.

macOS Monterey here (12.6.3).

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It’s always been that way for me (I started about a year ago). I always have to resize.


Hey all - native Apple silicon is supported as of today. Please join us on this thread if you have questions.

I’m going to close this thread at this time.

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