Low gearing issue

Hi all, I have a Wattbike Atom and my gearing is terrible. I have 22 gears but I’m only really able to to push 1-4. Anything else is just way too hard. So trying to go up a hill in no 1 is really difficult, I have to go down to abt 40-50 cadence and stand up it. It seems 6-22 are all impossibly/equally as hard too. So the midrange is non-existant. I would have presumed i’d sit in about gear 10 on flat and if I come to a decent incline I could go all the way down to really spin in 1-3. Then a decent go to 22. (but 6 is the same as 22 downhill). I have tried altering the difficulty to really low, and really high (does that kick in immediately btw), but it doesn’t seem to make any difference whatsoever. I have no idea abt ERG mode, I dont have the button that’s meant to be at the bottom to turn it on/off. And Wattbike hub I can’t use as it won’t update the firmware for me.

Any ideas please? :pray: