Low fps and vga on 50%

I have one new vga gtx 1060 gb. The first time I used it it went perfectly. TDZ stage 8 with 2000 riders, fixed 60 fps for one hour and vga between 80% and 95%

. Today, in group event fixed 30 fps and vga between 50 and 70%. Why?
for two minutes it went with vga at 30% and 7 fps

  1. You should enable triple buffering.
  2. CPU bottleneck, have a read of this: Zwift on PC: The Ultimate Guide to Running Zwift at Its Very Best - Zwift Insider

I don’t think my cpu is bottleneck, i have a new i3 10100 with 16gb of ram (2x8gb).
What is the triple buffering?
Also because as I wrote before, I did TDZ stage 8 at 60 fps fixed for an hour

Read the article, CPU bottleneck affects everyone using Zwift leading to the frame rate dropping when there are tons of riders on screen. It’s just a question of how far it drops. This is why your GPU utilisation drops to a low percentage and so does the frame rate, because it’s waiting on the CPU. Having loads of RAM doesn’t help, the game runs fine on as little as 2GB albeit with low quality textures.

Triple buffering prevents your system being ‘stuck’ at 30fps when it could be doing say 55fps. This is because Zwift enforces vsync by default.

I understand, but the bottleneck should swing the fps. In my case they remained fixed at 30 fps for the duration of the training (1 hour). And the cyclists weren’t that many, sometimes I only had 10 in front of me and the frame rate stayed at 30 fps.

That’s what triple buffering overcomes. It allows the frame rate to be whatever it can be at all times, without introducing tearing (which you’d get by turning vsync off).

OK thank you very much. I will try to do as you told me and let you know.