Low / fluctuating resistance in workouts only

For the past week or two I’ve been unable to use preset workouts as the resistance is mostly far too low - I am spinning out even in the high gears. However I don’t have this problem in normal rides, nor for that matter in the 45min or 60min rider’s choice workouts. I’ve been having to do the workouts (e.g. The Gorby) manually in rider’s choice mode.

Using a Tacx Genius Smart and Power2Max NG. 

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This may be obvious but I didn’t see this in your post – do you have your FTP set at your correct level in the app? From a PC keyboard click E (or select the workout menu on your device) > Select Your Workout > FTP is set in the bottom right of that screen.

If your FTP is set way too low then the resistance the workout offers will be way too low, since the workout levels are in proportion to the value your FTP is set at.



No, I don’t think that’s the issue - FTP is set correctly and I am aiming for the power levels indicated. 

Can I ask - in the structured workouts is the resistance set according to the power you are supposed to be aiming at, or perhaps it dynamically varies according to the power you are putting out? If so, presumably that differs from the situation in the rider’s choice workouts where I assume it is set to a constant level and effectively you vary it by gear changes, as you would on the road.

Just to say I’m still having major problems with this. The resistance is all over the place when I use structured workouts. Sometimes I’m spinning and sometimes it’s ridiculously hard, even during the warmup… Never have this problem with normal riding or with the rider’s choice workout. I know my sustainable power outputs and am selecting workouts accordingly, it’s a matter of the resistance not being appropriate for the target wattage.

Didn’t have this problem until this autumn! (was fine last winter).

What’s changed and how do I sort it please?